With a 140° Wide Angle lens, Strengthened Silicone Fastener, Parking Collision Detection, Car keying Detection, 2.7″ LCD screen, WDR / HDR, G-sensor / Shock-sensor.  m1_intro_wp_000

Strengthened Silicone Fastener Rear-mirror Mount

Cansonic uses a strong, tight and flexible high-quality-silicone belt to strap the device on a rear-mirror to ensure it won’t drop in any situation. It can also bear high and low temperatures.mount_m1Parking Collision / Car-keying Detect in 1 Second

There is a battery built in M1 that allows you to park your car on the street and turn on the collision detection function. M1 can be triggered to power on automatically and start recording instantly in 1 second when your vehicle is touched, experiences a vibration or direct force, even car-keying. (car ignition) No other dash cam on the market can do what Cansonic’s M1 can do. Never worry about the safety of your car and pranks by would-be criminals anymore. Cansonic’s M1 will get the right evidence to protect your vehicle.key_m1

2.7 Inch high resolution LCD Screen

Nowadays, a big screen is a must have and we have taken into account the needs of drivers. The appropriate size strikes a balance between the driver’s needs of after recording viewing whilst prioritizing drivers’ focus and concentration on driving. The selected panel is equipped with vivid colors and proper brightness to ensure drivers’ eyes are comfortable.


WDR / HDR (Wide / High Dynamic Range)

Cansonic uses the most advanced technology to make ensure perfect image performance. The WDR/ HDR function helps us record clearer images and better footage details in extreme darkness or bright situations.


A+ 140 Wide Angle Lens With 6 Layers of The Deluxe Glasses

M1 adapts a 140 degrees ultra-wide angle lens without distortion to provide you a bigger view of what you are shooting, and to make it more real, clear, and colorful. The material of the lens is very important, so we assemble the lens with 6 delicate glasses and 1 filter to offer the best image quality. 

 Adjustable Lens Design

The lens can be easily adjusted to the proper angle and because of a special mechanical design; vibration or shaking won’t cause it to move when the car is in motion. 


G-sensor / Shock-sensor

The G-sensor is built in the device. It records the G-force data when you are driving/speeding, drifting and even record every second of an accident and offer you the most precise information. In addition, when you turn on the G-sensor function, it is a sensor which, when triggered by a certain force, protects the current file from loop recording.


Stereo Speaker / Microphone

M1 wants to provide the best sound recording and hands-free kit, so we use the stereo speaker ,and microphone, and bluetooth to give our customer the best sound recording and playing quality.


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