iOS / Android APP, Wi-Fi Remote & Preview, Tiny Size, Mini Screen, Smart Timelapse, 140° Wide-angle Lens, WDR / HDR Night Vision, Hot-key Function, 1.5 Inch LCD Screen Car-keying Detect, Parking Collision Detect, G-sensor/ Shock-sensor, GPS / GNSS (Optional). udv-888_intro_wp_000


udv-888_intro_wp_002iOS / Android App WITH WiFi Smart Devices

The distance of Wifi connection is up to 250 feet.

With the smart devices and wireless, you can easily control, remote, preview, download and operate certain functions.

Let’s DIY your own home surveillance or baby monitor to protect your family every day or capture your kid’s amazing moment.


The Smallest Size

UDV-888 is the most powerful camera with the best image performance in an ultra-tiny size, and it is easy to be carried with you or put in your pocket.

In addition, it comes with a 2 inch high resolution screen.

Too small? Don’t worry! It is only for you to make sure you are shooting in a right angle instead of regretting when you get home.

sizeThe Biggest Screen

Yeah! With WiFi connection, you don’t need to worry about the screen size,

now you can transact your video signal in real time, and download your wonderful clips on all of your smart devices,

so how big your smart device is then how big your screen is. 


Smart Time-lapse

Do you like to take a wonderful time-lapse video but having no idea about how to edit all the photos?

UDV-888 offers you a convenient way to take the video, what you need to do is setup the certain second or minute,

and boom! An amazing video just come up by itself automatically.

It is really easy and educational for children as well to observe any kind of natural phenomenon.

timelapse WDR / HDR (Wide / High Dynamic Range)

Cansonic uses the most advanced technology to assure our perfect image performance.

The WDR/ HDR function helps us record more clearer image and better footage details in the extreme darkness or brightness situation.


A+ 140° Wide Angle Lens With 6 Layers of The Deluxe Glasses 

Nowadays, we all know that the smart phone can do a lot of shooting, but what it cannot do is UDV-888’s job,

it adapts a 140 ultra-wide angle lens without distortion to provide you a bigger view of what you are shooting, and to make it more real, clear, and colorful.

The material of the lens is very important, so we assemble the lens by 6 delicate glasses and 1 filter to offer the best image quality. 


G-Sensor / Shock-Sensor

The G-sensor is built in the device, it could record the G-force data when you are racing, drifting or when an accident happens, it can record every second and offer you the most precise information to help in any issues.

In addition, when you turn on the G-sensor function, if any external force is detected, it will protect the current file from loop recording


Parking Collision / Car-keying Detect

There is a battery built in UDV-888, so after you park your car on the street and turn on the collision detecting function,

UDV-888 could be triggered to power on automatically and start recording instantly in 1 second by any touch or vibration of the outside force even car-

keying.So you will not be worried about any pranks by punks anymore. It will help you to get the evidence to protect your vehicle and right.

key_888 GNSS/GPS (Optional)

Cansonic developed an advanced function with GNSS/GPS logger for the racer.

With the GNSS/GPS logger, it would write down all the route, direction, speed, longitude, latitude, and even attitude,

so maybe not only for the racer, it could be helpful for the sky diver, glider, even the snowboarder!

On the top of this, you can use the open source player to connect to the internet map and you can see where your go with all the details.

gps Stereo Speaker / Microphone

UDV-888 wants to provide the best sound recording and hands-free kit, so we use the stereo speaker ,and microphone, and blue tooth to give our customer the best sound recording and playing quality.


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