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Friday May 10, 2019 WWLCNETWORK goes to Global Time Attack at 

Michelin Race Way Road Atlanta.



The WWLC GRID GIRLS : Please say hello to Sibahn Doxey (@therealsibahn) & Alicia Watson (@aliciawatson8).

We asked Sibahn how her day was going at Global Time Attack at Road Atlanta. (Sibahn)  Hey Guys this is Sibahn Doxey and I am here out at Road Atlanta having the best time , This was my first time out watching the Global Time Attack Races, (the cars are insainley loud and insainely fast) which was very exciting for me since this was my very first race, and it has been a very unique experience. Over all  everyone out here is having a great time , I definatly can see myself out at the race weather it is being a spectator ,or working on the grid.  I am looking forward to doing more races in the future so stay tuned.

Hey guys this Alicia Watson (@aliciawatson8) we are out here in Atlanta this is my home track, I am Georgia native, It was my first time on this side of the track with Road Atlanta, We are are out here with Global Time Attack , All of the cars out here are absoulutly amazing , there are so many different types of cars out here , this is my first time ever experiencing a race like this, it’s very cool , my first time and hopefully not my last time.  The day was a success we are all looking forward to our next trip back out to Road Atlanta.

WWLCNETWORK  wanted to say super thank you Grid Girl Outfits  for all of your support in 2019 with the WWLCNETWORK GRID GIRLS Uniforms.

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Out on the field we got a chance to catch up with Jason Dienhart we are out here at Global Time Attack, Road Atlanta in beautiful Braselton, GA. Global Time Attack has been coming out to Road Atlanta since 2012 and it’s an annual Global Time Attack event with Drift Atlanta  with Formula Drift, Global Time Attack runs in the morning through out the day time and Formula Drift takes over in the afternoon and through out the evening, It’s a really cool weekend out here The Drift Atlanta weekend at Road Atlanta. 

There are a lot of top time attack competitors from North America that came to duke it our here to compete for fastest lap time at this circuit, Teams from Canada like James Houghton & Chris Boersma (K Tuned Civic  Acura Integra Type R) plus guys from Maryland like Phil Grabow in the (Toyota Frs Monster 86)  super brz with a LS motor in it, there are alot of top notch drivers with a lot cool builds and cool cars, like Shawn Basset and his Datsun 240Z  it was featured at Sema and this is its firstime running on track it gets faster each session it goes out, its really cool to see it out there doing some laps, everyone is happy to be out at Road Atlanta once again in 2019. 


WWLCNETWORK  stoppped by to say to see what is going on with

Global Time Attack Driver Chris Bickford and his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X.

Chris on Instagram day one was having a intersting day as he mentions being confronted with some

final adjustments to his Mitsubishi Evolution X and got a time of a 1:38 in Limited AWD catagory.

Chris was pleased with his time since it was his first time back in the Evo X in 9 months. 

At first session day 2 Chris mentioned luckily the rain held out , looks like it held off all morning and hopefully hold out through out all the sessions today. It’s still pretty greasy out there, the track is pretty cold and still cloudy outside, and not much temputure on the track. 

I went out and ran a time of 1:38.2 which is only 2/10th’s off my best time this weekend there’s not enuff grip out there hopefully the sun will come out and heat the track up a bit to give more grip, little rainy & little cold and hopefully the conditions get better. 

We Caught up with Global Time Attack Driver (317)  John Davis and his Honda Civic Type R. We asked John a few questions, John mentioned that, this was Johns firt time at GTA, but not his first time at Road Atlanta. John is a SCCA  Advance TT Licensed & currently waiting on his NASA Advanced License.

John’s day was great & his goal of  a time of 1:39 which is very fast for the Honda Civic Type R on street tires. My best time ( John speaking) was a 140.2 which was only 2 tenths from his goal lap. Johns say’s he os going back to road Atlanta in June to try to make his goal of a 1.38 if everything goes well.




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