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Friday November 9, 2018 @WWLCNETWORK  & The WWLC GRID GIRLS made there way to @Globaltimeattack @Superlapbattle @ButtonwillowRacewayPark in Buttonwillow Ca for an exciting fun packed day of not only being on the GTA Grid but as well ready for a awesome day at Super Lap Battle. The has a risen as the  tempature was at a brisk 60 to 70 degrees on day #2 of Super Lap Battle.  

After session #1 was off and onto the track we got a chance to take a walk along the way to stop by to say hello to Global Time Attack Driver (Roy Narvaez) Global Time Attack Driver (Jack Thomas),Along the way we stopped by to say hello Link Engine Management, Global Time Attack Driver (Efrain Gino Flores) , Global Time Attack Driver (Peter West). 

Check out below The WWLCNETWORK GRID GIRLS  On the Grid..

As the mid afternoon aproaches there was so much action on the GTA Super Lap Battle Grid, We would like to give a big Shout out to @TimeAttackNews for all there support leading up to Super Lap Battle 2018. 

WWLCNETWORK GRID GIRL DARLENE MAY: My name is Darlene and I’d like to take this time to tell you about my experience with GTA Superlap Battle in Buttonwillow. This last Global Time Attack Superlap Battle event was probably one of my best experiences by far. Being in the car scene is already a fun experience for me. Being in the Drift scene as a car enthusiast is a wonderful experience too, but who would have thought I would get to experience a time attack race and get to work it at the same time as enjoying the sport. Watching the event live is very different from actually being at the event. It’s very fast pace and all the drivers stay focused. When I approached their race cars to take photos, I just greeted them and didn’t try to keep a conversation.

 I’ve been in a passenger race car so I know what it’s like to mentally prepare yourself before a race. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked as a model let alone an umbrella girl. I definitely miss the loud sounds of the engine and the smell of tires burning. Everyone was always hard at work making sure their cars were running smoothly but even then some cars still experienced break downs. From this GTA Superlap Battle experience, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned that you’ve got to keep moving and you always have to behave like someone is always watching. That was my first time being up on podium as a model. It was definitely tiring to keep your posture up, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

WWLCNETWORK GRID GIRL JENNIFER ‘ANGEL’ ANCHETA: What an amazing time I had at Global Time Attack Finals Super Lap Battle 2018. The day was perfect! The weather was beautiful and the WWLC grid girls killed it on the grid and paddock area. There were even more extraordinary and amazing race cars than usual this time around. Some vehicles were even fresh off the SEMA show floor like the KW Suspension DC2 ITR, one of the cars Dai Yoshihara was driving. Being on the grid with umbrellas up and getting drenched in champagne at padium was my personal memorable highlights of the day. Congrats to the WWLC Network drivers Jack Thomas, Efrain Flores. Bret Nicoletti and also Cansonic Dash Cams,  R1 Concepts and our whole amazing WWLC Netwotk crew and doll squad for another amazing GTA year!

@WWLCNETWORK  would like to say thank you to @Cansonic_Usa for all your support through the 2018 . We would like let everyone know that the Ultradash is the preferred choice of dash cameras in the market today, Just ask The WWLCNETWORK Grid Girls Miss Darlene May & Miss Toni Felix. Stay tuned everyone as the @Ultradash S2 Dash Cam hits the shelves. To get more information on the @Ultradash Dash Cameras Visit Cansonic’s Website: https://cansonic.com/

WWLCNETWORK GRID GIRL (Toni Felix) As a grid girl of auto racing, all we see is the action on the track. What we miss is the grinding, the months hard work, the obsession behind the scene. GTA made me see how each one of these owners/drivers put in so much work on their cars. Till #globaltimeattack #superlapbattle #finals came. I call it “Judgement Day.” This is when all the drivers from Global Time Attack will know where their hard work pays off. I’m always looking forward for every #globaltimeattack the ladies and I go too. Till next time #globaltimeattack. #timeattacknews

As the day comes to a end Congradulations to all the Drivers and Super Lap Battle 2018 is over, WWLCNETWORK  would like to say thank you to @GTA @Global Time Attack  for allowing WWLC & WWLC GRID GIRLS to be part of the 2018 Season. WWLC would also like to thank @Super Lap Battle, @TimeAttackNews, @GridGirlOutfits , Jack Thomas of Jack Thomas Motorsports, R1 Concepts, Ultradash Dash Dash Cams for all your support this year in 2018. Stay Tuned as we are looking forward to whats happening in 2019.  



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