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Saturday September 8, 2018 WWLCNETWORK  headed out to @ButtonwillowRacewayPark in Buttonwillow California.  The sun was out and yes indeed it was going to be a hott one for sure.

@GlobalTimeAttack For the first time we are going to do a GTA Pro Am round at Buttonwillow late in the year. It will prove to be a good day to work the bugs out before the GTA Super Lap Battle in November. We attack the legendary CW13 configuration at Buttonwillow Raceway Park for RD3 GTA Pro Am Speed District.


What a fantastic weekend @ Button Willow Raceway Park. FINALLY…. GLOBAL TIME ATTACK! Jack Thomas, of Jack Thomas Racing, Effrian Flores, of Effrian Flores Racing, and Bret Nicoletti, of Roony Racing came out strong and fast on the track as always. RPM Curtis Gladden had an epic day on the track. Even though the heat was crazy it was all worth escorting these drivers to the grid. I’m so thankful for being part of WWLC Network. Working and meeting with new faces in this industry taught me a lot. All the glory goes to God. See you guys at Super Lap Battle in Nov.

WWLCNETWORK’S Jennifer’Angel’ Ancheta says that on this day Global Time Attack Round 3 at Buttonwillow Raceway Park was an amazing display of performance vehicles and talented drivers. It was so great being back at Buttonwillow and watching the drivers maneuver around the “bus stop and “lost hill” of the track. Being on the grid and being around fast cars always makes my own heart race. Being a grid girl and umbrella girl and posing at podium was the cherry on top. We love GTA!

After a long hot day and the sun slowly starts to set @ButtonwillowRacewayPark, the drivers and there teams make there way to the awards assembly at the podium.

WWLCNETWORK’S CHAD WALKER: Says I had a great time at Global Time Attack Pro- Am Round 3 watching cars from all different classes compete for position! Congradulations to all the drivers and their teams! 

The drivers really pushed themselves to the limits and it was a great to see so much time and effort be out to the test! I can’t wait to see what’s in- store for the finals! The weather was warm, the sky was clear, and sounds of tires pealing and engines roaring could be hear from all hours after noon. 

Stay Tuned as WWLCNETWORK makes there way to 

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