UltraDash 210

120° panorama wide angle lens, Full HD 1080P resolution video recording with 30 frames per second, it has a 2.5” Big high resolution LCD, Automatic imagination stabilizer Low light technology and High-end lens, G-sensor / Shock-sensor – Auto-reaction EVENT Manual protection key, Auto-rewriting and Seamless function, Motion detecting function, Collision detecting function, LDWS function.
Full HD 1080P Resolution Video Recording with 30 Frame Rates World-class resolution. Full high-definition 1920×1080 pixels, is your best choice for watching on laptops, PCs, and TVs. Automatic Image Stabilizer With the best digital stabilizer software, UltraDash keeps the image stable and still. In addition, our heat-resistance suction cup plays an important part in making videos more stable. 
2.5 Inch Big High Resolution LCD Screen Nowadays, a big screen is a must have and we have taken into account the needs of drivers.The appropriate size strikes a balance between the driver’s needs of after recording viewing whilst prioritizing drivers’ focus and concentration on driving. The selected panel is equipped with vivid colors and proper brightness to make sure drivers’ eyes are comfortable.
120 Degree Panorama Wide Angle Lens  UltraDash 210 has a wide panorama view to capture and record every detail outside the dashboard as evidence of accidents. Low Light Technology and High-end Lens Our goal is to provide the best images. We developed the technology of low light shooting by using our special whole-glass lens. It offers a clear and colorful performance.
G-sensor / Shock-sensor
Auto-reaction Event G-sensor is a kind of sensor which reacts when a certain force hits it from anywhere. It records the data which comes from the x, y, and z axis and locks the file to prevent it from being deleted from the looping function. Manual Operating Key Sometimes, you may not be injured in an accident, but a second party will. You can help people injured by a hit and run accident. All you need to do is just to press the event button and the clip will be protected and ready for viewing.
Auto-rewriting and Seamless Function
To free up space for further recording, UltraDash 210 automatically loop-records, rewrites or deletes useless files. When a Full HD video is being saved, the seamless function will ensure not a second of recording is missed.
Motion Detecting Function The most valuable and distinctive function of UltraDash 210, is its ability to self- activate when your car is parked. If you temporarily park your car on the street for a short time, just set the device to standby mode and it will automatically be activated and record anyone who pass by your car from the front.    Collision Detecting Function Our second most valuable function is collision detection. Literally, if anyone strikes your car with a certain force, the trigger senses a vibration and the camera turns on and automatically records a face or the view outside your car.
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