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WWLC – WORLD WIDE LANCER CLUB™ NEWS: Summer Kick Off 4 / Lifestyle Show Off

Sunday June 4th Summer Kick Off 4 / Lifestyle Show Off  Toyota Dealership of San Bernidino Ca. 

It was a sunny day on Sunday in San Bernidino Ca as the the attendence at the show was spectacular as rows of cars line up as eagerly waiting to get there awesome rides parked so everyone can wipe down and get ready for this mid afternoon event on this hot sunny day.  

Through out the day we had seen many different car clubs along with there shined up rides looking awesome as can be. Shout to all the car owners for for being so shinny on this hot day. 

At the end of the day we would like to say thank you for having such a great show  and we got a chance to see many different show cars , and congradulations to tall the trophy winners!! 

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