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WWLCNETWORK  Caught up with WWLC Grid Girl Toni Felix. Toni, Nissfest was here! Coming to Nissfest was an eye opening opportunity for me to explore different perspectives that people have on their cars and a chance to get to know one another. At the end of the day, we are all here for a similar reason, and that is how we all enjoy modifying and driving wonderful cars. Thank You @Nissfest.

Sabrina Frontino: I had a fabulous time at Nissfest this year, the turnout was amazing and everyone’s excitement and great energy made the event very easy-going and running smoothly. Every vendor and car owner was very embracing and kind! I look forward to attending again soon Nissfest.

Jennifer “Angel” Ancheta Say’s Nissfest 2018 was an amazing show. I had a chance to come early at this show to watch the amazing Nissans, Infiniti and Datsuns roll in. The sounds of show cars rolling in and also the race cars running on the track are probably my favorite sounds together. My favorite parts of the shows was taking photos with the beautiful vehicles of course looking and the GTR’s and Z’s which are my two favorites. One day I’m going to own a Nissan! Speaking with the vendors and the spectators is also a treat. Representing the WWLC logos and sharing what WWLC Network stands was the main mission!

Chad Walker: I had a great time on Sunday at Nissfest!

The event was very well structured and the weather was perfect with warm temperatures and a nice cool breeze!

There were a lot of cool cars at the show, from the classic Datsun Z’s, to the ultra- sleek and refined Nissan GTR’s! With the show being stationed in the center of the field, I was also able to enjoy watching the race cars go from their garages to listening to the exhaust notes and down shifts of the cars that were flying by on the track. Overall, I had a great time and I’m very interested in seeing what next year is going to have in store!



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