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Friday November 2, 2018 @wwlcnetwork spent a day in Manila at The Mall of Asia. This was the second time in 2018 @wwlcnetwork had made it out to Ecom  for a awesome time with the WWLC-WORLD WIDE LANCER CLUB Philipines & The WWLCPH Models: @Pearl Ly Shell & @Reah Ruth.

This was definately an exciting day to be out at MOA. The sun was out and yes, it was a bit humid, but that didnt stop us from having a great day. The World Wide Lancer Club Philipines family was once together again for a few hours here with the @wwlcphmodels. 

Along the way @wwlcnetwork had a chance to say hello to our #wwlc mini model (Princess Arriana Villela).

It was great to see you again for the second time this year. 

The Highlight of the day, was when we caught up with

Jay Magallanes Vice President of WWLC-WORLDWIDE LANCER CLUB.  

This was a awesome moment to remember, it had taken a few years of commitment between 2 brothers from 2 sides of the globe to make this one special day happen. A big shout out to everyone it was great to see you.. 

Please say hello to WWLCPH  member (Jhun Jun) Jade.

@wwlcnetwork would like to express there thanks for coming out to MOA.

It was great to have seen you and many more times to come.

At the end the WWLC Family got together to take a group shot and then take off to get some awesome food before heading out to our next endeavour.


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