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The UltraDash C1 is the combination of the finest quality materials and artistic design in an affordable package. We sought out to simplify the complicated operating functions while also making our device more intelligent than others. It is suitable for users of all ages and can be easily installed in only a few simple steps.

UltraDash C1 is suitable for all drivers. From professional drivers that need to protect themselves from disputes with passengers to commuter drivers that need to provide videos to insurance companies in the event of an accident. Police officers can also use it for duty recording, while road trip enthusiasts can use it to record travel itineraries. Finally, we’ve found that race car drivers can use the UltraDash C1 to shoot exciting moments out on the road so they can relieve the adrenaline rush for years to come.

Our patent-designed magnetic charging mount allows you to place and remove the device quickly and easily, unlike traditional mounts that use a latching mechanism. We rigorously test the powerful magnets and unique structural design, so there is no need to worry about mounting or connection problems.



The magnetic charging mount is equipped with a charging port, which uses the car charging cable and USB cable to charge the device. This reduces the inconvenience of attaching and removing the device, and the wire arrangement in the car is seamless.


Package Includes: UltraDash C1 Dash Camera / Magnetic Suction mount / 3M adhesive mount / 10ft. car charging cable / 4ft. data cable / cable clips / User Manual


(For best results use a (recognized brand) Micro SD memory card 8-128GB SDHC, Class 10 (48mb/s). The life of SD Cards is limited but it could be from 3 months to a year or more depends on usage, be sure to format the memory card once a while for optimal use. (Replace memory card when it’s become unusable).




UltraDash C1 uses a high-end Sony Exmor image sensor component with an F1.8 large aperture six-glass lens. It offers vivid color, and with its HDR functionality, it also produces high-quality night time images by enhancing the suppression of over-exposure under intense light. View the actual picture quality in the test footage.

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UltraDash C1




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